At North Star we are continuously building a network of the best and most respected professionals in the human resource (and related) industries. When we find reputable people/organizations considered outstanding leaders in their industries . . . who share similar ethics, values and business philosophy to North Star, and have helped us make a difference along the way, we form a strategic alliance in order to better service our clients.

What does a strategic alliance mean for you? It means you have access to resources outside of North Star, in which you can expect to be working with knowledgeable, professional leaders in their respective industries, that will extend the same level of customer service you have been accustomed to in working with North Star, and no less! In working with any of the following organizations, we are confident in saying . . . you are in good hands and will be well taken care of:

Leading for Loyalty offers progressive approaches to leadership and employee loyalty resources such as free assessments, research articles and tools to assist your organization in engaging, motivating and retaining talented employees.

The Training Source offers training, coaching and conference speaking services that helps organizational leaders to create an environment where top talent can be successful. Discover how their development services and hiring process resources can help your organization to enhance employee retention and loyalty efforts.